The Ultimate Fighter: Ronda Rousey VS Miesha Tate

I’ve been watching season 18 of The Ultimate Fighter. A couple of things come to mind: 1. The 18th season of a show that’s only been in existence since 2006? That spells success. 2. The women fighters on this show are impressive. I mean way impressive. MMA is an amazing sport anyway and to see Dana White open up the UFC to women is welcomed indeed.

Another thing that can’t go unnoticed this time around is the fact that Ronda Rousey is a silly, pissy, way underwhelming little bitch. I’m talking in the personality department, not her fighting skills. No doubt about it, Ronda Rousey’s fighting skills are top notch. Ask Miesha Tate whose arm Rousey treated like al dente pasta the last time that they fought. Even so, Ronda Rousey is one of the most unprofessional people you’ll ever witness.

Fellow Ultimate Fighter, Peggy Morgan (who, by the way, is an adjunct professor at Southern New Hampshire University), sort of defends Rousey in this blog post.

Some of you probably think Ronda is bat crap crazy. Okay, maybe Ronda is bat crap crazy. But I genuinely like her, and here’s why: she doesn’t bother trying to pretend like she isn’t completely insane. In fact, she doesn’t bother trying to pretend anything at all. … if Ronda feels like kicking a hole in the door, she’s gonna kick a hole in the door. If she feels like crying, she’s gonna cry. If she feels like telling you you’re a miserable bitch faced —-, she’s gonna do that, too.

And that’s supposed to be an admirable thing? Sorry, it’s not. It’s called not having any self control. The next step from this is, I have the urge to take a crap in my pants, during a public gathering, and holding your finger up in a “one moment” gesture and grunting one out.

Doing what you want, when you want, no matter what anyone thinks is the epitome of selfishness. Unfortunately, in today’s world, it seems to have somehow morphed into some sort of admirable thing. I’d like to know when childish behavior became admirable.

Keep in mind that making calculated life decisions appropriate for you with little or no regard for what others think you should do is not the same thing as acting like a pissy bitch and throwing your middle finger up in someone’s face, and screaming, “fuck you!” The former is doing what’s right for you, the latter is behaving like a self centered, unprofessional idiot. It takes a real self centered ass hole to live that way; the same kind of person who would pull down their pants in the middle of a sidewalk and pinch a loaf with people walking all around simply because they felt like taking a crap.

Get it?

On the other hand, it shows poise to keep yourself from acting on simple, boneheaded impulse. Ronda Rousey is a boneheaded simpleton.

But, boneheaded simpleton or not, damn, she can fight.

Rousey and Tate are scheduled to take out their hate for each other in UFC 168 on December 28th. No matter who wins, it really should be a great fight. And, I have to admit, I do hope that Tate puts an ass whoopin’ on Rousey. But, either way, Ronda Rousey VS Miesha Tate should be an awesome fight.

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