Thomas Kratman Responding To Amazon Reviews

Generally, I’ve always felt that responding to negative reviews on Amazon is a bad idea. However, Thomas Kratman is one of those authors who has no problem engaging negative reviewers.

His book Amazon Legion currently has 30 reviews as of me writing this post; 4 of which are lower than 3 stars. One of the 2 star reviews has a total of 272 comments. That’s right 272 back and forth comments between Kratman and the author of the 2 star review. I really suggest that you read through them because it is quite entertaining.

It’s pretty ballsy. Also, I have a pretty good hunch that Kratman’s willingness to engage negative reviewers probably results in more sales for him. Good on him.

Does that mean that I’d recommend engaging negative reviewers, or that I plan to do so? No, it doesn’t.

3 thoughts on “Thomas Kratman Responding To Amazon Reviews

  1. I know that Thomas Kratman has something of a reputation of being argumentative.

    However, in my lone interaction with him on my blog (he popped in to make a correction) he was very pleasant. Quite a contrast to a bunch of other people who also disagreed with me that week, ironically people far closer to me politically than Kratman, and who left abusive comments. My “controversial statement” BTW was that there was no such thing as an objective review. Gee, I would have thought that was obvious.

    I probably still won’t read Kratman’s books, because they don’t sound like my sort of thing at all. But he’s gained my respect ever since that interaction.

  2. “My “controversial statement” BTW was that there was no such thing as an objective review.”

    Wow, difficult to imagine why that would be considered so controversial to some. Like you, I believe it to be rather obvious.

    About Kratman: reading through all of the comments to the negative review, although he could be blunt, I didn’t find him to be overly rude for my tastes. I thought the whole thing very interesting. The fact that he’s so willing to engage the difficult reviews is, for me, a bit of a point of respect. Kudos to him.

    Like you, I don’t know if I’d read any of his books for the same reasons. But, I might. I certainly wouldn’t let his politics stop me.


  3. I don’t actually mind negative reviews, Dan. And yes, they generally help me sell books, sometimes a _lot_ of books. What I can’t freaking stand, though, is dishonesty, in a review or anywhere else in life. Pyr’s struck me as dishonest through and through, hence the attack dog mode. For example, there was one 1 star review for Amazon Legion. My only response to that was, “Ummm…no, it’s a _military_ treatise with political implications. The political treatise was The Lotus Eaters. ” Why? Because the reviewer was being as honest with how he felt about it and I didn’t get the feeling, as I did with Pyr, that he hadn’t really read the book at all.

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