Media Hype And Bias

We’ve all heard about media bias. It does exist. If you think it doesn’t exist, then I have a bridge I’ll sell you real cheap.

Something that’s more apparent then bias is what I call nonsensical media sensationalism. Here is an example. Note that the headline screams: Man Arrested After Telling Kids Santa Isn’t Real.

Reading this, it’s reasonable to assume that some ass hole was arrested for telling his kid that Santa isn’t real. That’s what the headline implies. But, in reality, that had nothing to do with his arrest. He was arrested for a parole violation and creating a disturbance while being drunk. It just so happens that he also told his kid that Santa wasn’t real sometime before, during, or after he was arrested. But we don’t find this out until near the end of the article.

He probably had a cup of coffee that morning. The headline could as easily read Man Arrested After Having A Cup Of Coffee.

Don’t think that some in the media don’t do the same thing with more serious, or political stories. I see it every day.

No, it’s not a huge, life altering thing, but it really does bother the crap out of me.

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