A Reactive Review

Whenever I review anything on Amazon, I always provide an honest review. Granted, I’m very hesitant to post 1 or 2 star reviews for books. If I think a book is a 1 or 2 star read, I most likely won’t post a review.

A few weeks ago I downloaded a short story called Rootless by Stephanie Sun. I had not gotten around to reading it, and it was just sitting there on my Kindle app. Perusing my downloads I bumped into Rootless on Amazon and noticed one review had been left. It was a 1 star two sentence review.

Since I already had the book downloaded, and it was a short story, I thought I’d go ahead and read Rootless. After reading the story I thought that the 1 star review was so unfair that I made it a point to post my own honest review. Yes, a reactive review.

I did it in the name of justice!

Okay, maybe not in the name of justice, but I did think that 1 star was pretty unfair. Even so, rest assured that my review is an honest review.

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